MURR Research Reactor Center surrounded by fall colors



MURR’s reliability record is the envy of the industry

The University of Missouri Research Reactor Center has an impeccable 40+ year record of safe operation. This safety record is a combination of stringent NRC-directed safety regulations, high-quality technical and operations staff, and a philosophy of proactive, preventive maintenance. MURR operates 6.5 days per week; 52 weeks per year.

Comparison between MURR (Research Reactor) and Callaway (Power Reactor)

Missourians are no strangers to nuclear energy, relying heavily on Ameren UE’s nearby Callaway plant to cool or heat their businesses and homes and feed their equipment and appliances. But MURR, as a multifunctional research reactor, differs significantly from such a power reactor. As the table below shows, MURR is considerably smaller. While a power reactor such as Callaway needs a source of electricity to cool the reactor core, MURR’s pool is capable of absorbing all the heat from the reactor core without the aid of forced convection.

Comparison of purpose, power, operating temperatures and pressures between MURR, a research reactor and the nearby Callaway plant, a power reactor.
Purpose research power generation
Power Level 10 megawatts 3,413 megawatts
Operating Temperature 136° F 588° F
Operating Pressure 80 lbs/square inch 2250 lbs/square inch