The University of Missouri Research Reactor Center has an impeccable 50+ year record of safe operation. This safety record is a combination of stringent NRC-directed safety regulations, high-quality technical and operations staff, and a philosophy of proactive, preventive maintenance. MURR operates 6.5 days per week; 52 weeks per year.

Power Level10MWth
Power Density, Core303 kW/liter
with peaking factor greater than 3
Primary Coolant Operating Temperature, Outlet136° F Th
Primary Coolant Operating Pressure80 psia
Core, Fuel TypeOpen pool PWR, HEU aluminide fuel
LEU Conversion Feasibility Study[In process]
ReflectorBeryllium and graphite
Flux Trap, Peak4.5 x 1014 n/(cm2sec)
License Status20-year license renewal in