Richard Ferrieri

Research Professor, Chemistry


Dr. Ferrieri earned his Ph.D. degree in Radiochemistry from Texas A&M University in 1979, and then became a postdoctoral fellow under Alfred Wolf at Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL). He was later hired onto the scientific staff at BNL working on the medical applications of Positron Emission Tomography (PET) for animal and human research. In 2002, he shifted his interest away from medical research, and into plant biology leveraging many of the same imaging and radiochemistry tools to study basic plant functions. Dr. Ferrieri is credited with developing the first radiolabeled PET plant hormone (jasmonic acid) to study its transport in living plants, as well as with developing a unique set of dynamic diagnostic tools for unraveling the physiological and metabolic mechanisms of plant stress. After 38 years of service as a tenured senior scientist at BNL, Dr. Ferrieri moved his program to U. Missouri (Columbia) where he has built a new integrative program at the Missouri Research Reactor Center in plant imaging and metabolic flux analysis. As a Research Professor, he holds appointments within the Department of Chemistry and the Division of Plant Sciences, and is a faculty member of the Interdisciplinary Plant Group.


Bachelor of Science with a major in Chemistry, Fairfield University 1975

Ph.D. in Radiochemistry, Texas A&M University 1979

Postdoctoral Fellow, Brookhaven National Laboratory 1979-1980.

Select Publications:

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