Jim Gann

Associate Director of Business Development and Central Support Services



Jim Gann joined the staff of the University of Missouri Research Reactor in June, 2021. Prior to formally joining the reactor staff, he worked on reactor special projects on behalf of the University of Missouri Office of Research. In addition to working on special projects there, he worked with faculty members in translating innovations to commercial success and as an analysist providing university administration with decision support services. Personally, Gann has a deep history in entrepreneurial enterprises and public service.

In this leadership role, Gann oversees central support services such as IT, accounting and human resources. He is also the lead negotiator of business contracts – including those that enable the development of radiopharmaceuticals to diagnose and treat cancer.

Like many others, Gann has had his life directly touched by cancer, and he is proud of the role MURR plays in the ongoing fight against the disease. “Every week the work we do here supplies our commercial partners with the active ingredients they need to diagnose and treat the scourge of cancer” he says. “It is also amazing to live in the future as I interact with the talented scientists and researchers that are working on new diagnostics and therapeutics – it’s amazing to see.”

Jim Gann is the associate director in charge of business development and central support services at the MU Research Reactor.