Mark Beary

Mark Beary

Associate Director of Innovative Development & Translation

Mark Beary oversees the Innovative Development & Translation (ID&T) division at the University of Missouri Research Reactor (MURR), which plays a pivotal role in fostering cutting-edge advancements within the realm of radioisotope production. This division is firmly committed to transforming novel and innovative radioisotope production methodologies into scalable, practical solutions that not only align with the principles of current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) but also adhere to the rigorous standards of the radiopharmaceutical industry. With a threefold mission, the ID&T division is dedicated to (1) the development of innovative radioisotope and radiopharmaceutical precursor production techniques, (2) the optimization and continuous improvement of MURR’s established isotope production lines to seamlessly integrate advancements and ensure peak efficiency, and (3) the provision of support to MURR’s research groups through a blend of technical expertise, collaborative projects, and tailored solutions. Through these core objectives, the ID&T division aims to enhance the standing of both MURR and the University of Missouri as leaders in nuclear science and make significant contributions to advancements in nuclear medicine and radiopharmaceutical sciences.

Professional and Academic Background

Dr. Beary earned his doctorate from the University of Missouri, specializing in biomedical anthropology. He joined MURR as a graduate student researcher in the archaeometry research group, where he performed neutron activation analysis (NAA) on prehistoric archaeological artifacts. Rising from a graduate student researcher to Manager of MURR’s Analytical Chemistry Group, he oversaw NAA and additional analytical services within the Products & Services Operations. Dr. Beary played an instrumental role in establishing cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) radioiodine production at MURR. Later, he took on the role of Production Manager, overseeing the processing of all cGMP radioisotopes, including I-131, Lu-177, and Mo-99.

More recently, in his capacity as Project Manager, he led the development, optimization, and launch of MURR’s No Carrier Added (NCA) Lu-177 production process, making MURR the exclusive producer of this crucial medical isotope in North America. Following the establishment of routine NCA Lu-177 production, he founded the Innovative Development & Translation division at MURR to support existing isotope production lines and develop new production methods for next-generation medical radioisotopes. This initiative aims to advance the fields of nuclear medicine and radiopharmaceuticals, with the ultimate goal of making these therapeutic radiopharmaceutical agents accessible to more patients worldwide.


  • BA, Clarion University of Pennsylvania, 1997
  • MS, Mercyhurst University, 2005
  • PhD, University of Missouri – Columbia, 2018