Matt Sanford

Interim Director

Matt Sanford keeps production
running smoothly at the University
of Missouri Research Reactor.

Sanford began working at the MU Research Reactor (MURR) in 1989 as a student assistant. Since that time, he has held many roles at the reactor that helped prepare him for his current position as associate director in charge of the products and services group. Under his leadership, this group manufactures cancer-fighting radioisotopes, along with other important services and products for researchers, startups, pharmaceutical companies and others.

With Sanford at its helm, the products and services group plays an important part in MURR’s efforts to support the university’s goals of research, education, service and economic development. “I like being part of a research center that is such an important part of MU and its mission,” says Sanford.

In recognition of his excellent work, Sanford was selected as a delegate of the International Atomic Energy Agency. He joined the agency on missions to help other countries learn to use their research reactors to make products and perform services.

Matt Sanford is the interim director and oversees all aspects of the MU Research Reactor