Fueling the future of medicine

The U.S. High Performance Research Reactor Stakeholder Meeting was held in late July at Mizzou’s College of Engineering.

Nuclear engineering experts discussed low enriched uranium as fuel for research reactor at MU

As researchers continue to develop therapies for disease, precision medicine — or the ability to develop specific treatments based on the genetic makeup of the individual patient — is providing innovative options for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Most of these targeted therapies come from ingredients supplied by research facilities, such as the University of Missouri’s Research Reactor, or MURR. With the NextGen Precision Health Institute and Initiative, the University of Missouri hopes to tackle some of the world’s worst diseases with many ingredients created in-house at MURR (more).

Researchers, nuclear engineering industry partners and faculty from across the country recently descended upon Mizzou’s College of Engineering for the U.S. High Performance Research Reactor Stakeholder Meeting.