MURR produces a wide range of radioisotopes in many forms, for many uses, from research applications to diagnosis and treatment of disease.  Our experience, expertise, reliability, and ability to deliver products tailored to our customers’ needs in a timely and consistent manner is the basis of our distinction.

cGMP-grade Radioisotopes and Radiochemicals
MURR has the quality systems, infrastructure, staff and skills to provide full Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) products and services.  

Bulk & Research-Grade Radioisotopes and Radiochemicals
Our radioisotope and radiochemical products cover an extensive range and are routinely available here at MURR.  Because products are produced right here at the reactor site, you can count on availability, flexible delivery schedules and reliable products.  From formulation to development, part of our mission is to ensure MURR will continue as a leader in the most advanced of applications. Click here for more information on research isotopes and radiochemicals.

Our new 16 MeV cyclotron, owned and operated on the MURR site byEssential Isotopes, LLC, is available to create commercial products for medical imaging, and to support research into new and innovative products that will transform the future of medicine.  In taking advantage of their inherent value but short shelf life, MURR and Essential Isotopes’ current focus is on delivering cyclotron-produced isotopes to hospitals at the University of Missouri and the region, for their implementation and research use.